June 14th PlayDay Results

Hello Ladies,

Today we had 21 ladies play and here are the results.

Bonnie Ladd #7
Sondi Schnee #17
Jan Baehr #17

Chip In’s
Karen Halbakken #16 and she was the only one. So it was worth $21.00. Great Job, Karen


#2 Sandy Smith 34’5″
#7 Shelly Morgan 35’2″ and Cathy Surdez 12″

No C-T-P on the back nine.

The game was Three 6’s.

In second Place with a score of 134.
Sandy Smith
Sondi Schnee
Sandy Mize
Gay Wold

In First Place with a score of 131
Shelly Morgan
Bonnie Ladd
Joanne Smith
Carol Grabar

Thank you ladies,
Please note, I will not be here next Tuesday so Carolyn Barnes and Frances Shipilov will be running next Tuesday. So if you have any questions, need to cancel or any other issue please call, text or email them.

Thanks again,


Author: Kay B

Webmaster in training.

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