Tuesday’s Results

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in getting this email out………..

We had 27 ladies play today- the game was “Gimme a break”

Mary Watkins holes 7 and 11
Kathy Readler hole # 1

Chip Ins ($8.50 each):
Nonie Greenfield hole # 9
Mary Watkins hole # 11
Carol Grabar hole #14

Closest to the pin ($3.00 each):
Hole # 2
Cathy Fancey and Carolyn Barnes
Hole # 7
Rochelle Baxley and Sally Sturney
Hole # 14
Rochelle Baxley and Susan Leeper
Hole # 17
Rochelle Baxley (yes really-all 3!) and Carolyn Barnes

Game winners:
1st flight:
1st Cindy Gerpheide
2nd Jan Baehr
3rd Jeanne Zwemmer

2nd flight:
1st -tie- Bonnie Ladd and Joanne Leete
3rd Kathy Readler

3rd flight:
1st Sandy Mize
2nd-tie-Sally Sturney and Carolyn Barnes

Hope I didn’t miss anything!
Happy Golfing,

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