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2017 Calendar and Roster

The 2017 Calendar and Roster are now on-line. Click the links on the right side of this page to view them. As always, the Roster is password protected. Refer to your roster manual or ask one of the officers if you need help.

2016 Eclectic Results

47 ladies signed up to play in the 2016 Eclectic

4 flights, 4 places per flight. Money was as follows, 1st $40, 2nd Place $25, 3rd place $20 and 4th place $10

These are the results

4th flight 32-36

4th place Sandy Mize
3rd place Carolyn Barnes
2nd place Sally Sturney
1st place Julie Hanson

3rd flight 28-31

4th place Sondi Schnee
3rd place Jan Todorovic
2nd place Bonnie Ladd
1st Place Brenda Reisinger

2nd flight 22-27

4th place Francis Shiplov
3rd place Jan Baehr
2nd place Mary Watkins
1st place Linda Daniels

1st flight 0-21

4th place Cindy Renshaw
3rd place Gay Wold
2nd flight Shelly Morgan
1st place Sandy Smith

Overall low net

Charlene Kleiner $45

Overall low gross

Dana Wardstrom $45

Thanks for a great year. Don’t forget to sign up. There is an envelope in the 18 hole drawer


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