FIRST, THIS: Rose Vieira asked me to remind the 18 Hole Ladies that the Breakers’ Invitation is coming up on June 1. It is a 4-person scramble. Entry fee is $80. We are invited to create our own foursomes, or to play with the Breakers. Flyers with the details are in the 18 Hole Ladies drawer in the pro-shop. The theme is HAPPY EVERYTHING.

Now for our PPLN play day results: We had 25 ladies come out to play on a beautiful day. The greens were punched and sanded, so we generated a good sum of putts money of our junior girls’ golf program. Thanks to all who participated today.

Overall Low Net (tie): $4.25 each
Shelly Morgan (70)
Charlene Kleiner (70)

Overall Low Putts (tie): $4.25 each
Shelly Morgan (31)
Sonja Welin (31)

Low Net Flights:
First Flight – 1st Place (73) Dana Wardstrom $6.00
First Flight – 2nd Place (73) Cathy Fancey $5.00
Tie broken by card off of back nine.

Second Flight – 1st Place (72) Brenda Reisinger $6.00
Second Flight – 2nd Place (75) Kay Gschwend $5.00

Third Flight – 1st Place (75) Susan Leeper $6.00
Third Flight – 2nd Place (77) Grace Berend $5.00

Overall Low Gross: (82) Annette Krey

Chip-ins – $8.00 each
Sandy Mize (17)
Shelly Morgan (5)
Sally Sturney (5)

Annette Krey (7)
Charlene Kleiner (14)
Shelly Morgan (14)

Hole 2: Annette Krey 20’1” and Susan Leeper 20’ ½”
Hole 7: Sandy Smith 3’6” and Doris Bunnell 83’11”
Hole 14: Dana Wardstrom 9’ 8-1/2” and Charlene Kleiner 22’1” (and she made the putt!)
Hole 17: Mary Watkins 11’3” and Sally Sturney 57’5”

Next Week: Next week is EASTER SKINS, and your tournament coordinators are Shelly and Charlene.

Frances Shipilov

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Ghandi


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