Happy New Golfing Year – 1/16/18

Hi all,

There was no rain today, yeah! We had 22 ladies come out to play. Two new members played today, Donna Grover and Adrian Goodman. Welcome ladies.

There was a significant time delay between some of the groups coming up to lunch. Let’s try to work on the pace of play this year. No one wants, or expects, to take 5 hours to play a round of golf. It is each player’s responsibility to maintain the appropriate pace of play. It is very important to keep up with the group ahead of you, NOT ahead of the group behind you.

The game today was Sweet and Sour. We paid 4 places in two flights as follows:

First Flight

1st Place Donna Grover with a score off 29, won $10.
Tie for 2nd Place Shelly Morgan and Mary Watkins both had a score of 30 and won $5. each.
4th Place Annette Krey with a score of 33 and won $2.

Second Flight

1st Place Charlene Kleiner with a score of 29, won $10
Three way tie: Deborah Veatch, Kathleen Readler and Joanne Smith with a score of 30, each won $4.

One lucky lady, Raquel Myers won $19 for her chip-in on number 18.

Annette Krey #1
Cindy Aafedt, #14
Donna Grover, #1

Closest to the Pin, each worth $2.25

Handicaps 0-29:
Hole 2 Shelly Morgan 11’5″
Hole 7 Cindy Aafedt 36″
Hole 14 Cindy Aafedt 9’7″
Hole 17 Donna Grover 10’10”

Handicaps 30-36:
Hole 2 Deborah Veatch 42’5″
Hole 7 Sondi Schnee 7’5″
Hole 14 Sondi Schnee 18’7″
Hole 17 Deborah Veatch 10’11”

A big thank you to Cindy Aafedt for her help running the game today. Cindy is a new member of the tournament committee and we really appreciate her help.

Cathy and Cindy


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