Playday February 6, 2018 – and how about those pin placements?

First, next week we are playing a Valentine’s Day game.  Shelly Morgan is running the game with help from Doris Bunnell and Carolyn Barnes.  Remember to sign up by noon on Sunday.

There were 19 ladies that played.  It was a beautiful day but where did that wind come from?  Oh, and the pin placements were just cruel.

Now to our results. 

Low Gross:

Dana Wardstrom,  82  Congratulations!

Low Net: 

Dana Wardstrom, net 70 – $8.00 sweeps

Low Putts:

Annette Krey, 31 putts –  $8.00 sweeps

First Flight:

Sandy Smith, net 76 – $6.50 sweeps

Lin Lenson, net 79 – $4.50 sweeps

Second Flight:

Debbie Kelly, net 71 – $6.50 sweeps

Carolyn Barnes, net 77 – $4.50 sweeps

Chip-in:  Only one again today…….

Carolyn Barnes, Hole 18  winning $18.00  Congrats and welcome back Carolyn


Dana Wardstrom, holes 8,9,14,17    WOW!

Debbie Kelley, hole 2

Sandy Smith, hole 13

Closest to the Hole, each worth $4.75

Handicap 0-26

Hole #2 – Lin Lenson  21′ 1/2″

Hole # 17 – Dana Wardstrom  3′ 6 1/2/”

Handicap 27-36

Hole #2 Anne Oprey 30′

Hole # 7 Debbie Kelley  25′ 5″

As a reminder….it is important to always keep up with the group ahead of you. 

Congratulations to all the winners.





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