Play Day April 10, 2018 – Points Putts and Low Net

Hi All-

Today we had 20 ladies play Points, Putts, and Low Net.

There was a tie for Low Net

Mary Watkins and Joanne Smith had scores of 69.

Low Putts

Joanne Smith with 29.

You cannot win both net and putts, so Mary Watkins won $10 + a pin for Low Net and Joanne Smith won $10 + a pin for Low Putts.


Handicaps up to 28

Jeanne Zwemer won $7 for 1st place with a net 72, and Amelia Thornton won $3 for 2nd place with a net 73.

Handicaps 29 and above

Charlene Kleiner won $7, 1st place, for her net 71 and Julie Hanson won 2nd place of $3 for her net 72.

Chip Ins

Joanne Smith had the sole chip-in on Hole 2, winning $20.

Closest to the pins (Hcps up to 28, & Hcps over 29) worth $5 each.

Hole 2, Cathy Fancey 20’4” (1st flight) & Kris Rogers 24’6” (2nd flight).

Hole 14, Shelly Morgan 16’2” (1st flight) and no one from the 2nd flight.

Hole 17, No one from the 1st flight, and Sandy Mize 8’8.5” (2nd flight).


Anne Oprey had a birdie on hole 2 and Mary Watkins had a birdie on hole 8.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks all for playing!

Bonnie Ladd and Sandy Mize




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