Halloween BINGO – Playday October 30 2018

We had 31 ladies come out to play Halloween Bingo.  It was chilly and windy, suitable for Halloween.

Here are the results:

 1st Place Team with 13 Bingos

Debbie Kelly

Jeanne Zwemer

Sherry Boyd

2nd Place Team with 10 Bingos

Donna Grover

Annette Krey

Jill Chase

 Closest to the Pin:

Member – Hole 17 – Annette Krey  5’ 2”

Guest – Hole 7 – Tammy Slabaugh  46’ ½”

 Chip-ins – $2.25 each

Jill Chase #17

Sally Sturney #1

Shelly Morgan #10

Sondi Schnee #17

Mary Watkins #3

Sue Youngblood #10

Conchita Christensen #12


Frances Shipilov #2

Donna Grover #2

Adrian Goodman #2

Jill Chase #17

Annette Krey #17 #18



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