Guest Day – Playday March 26, 2019

We had really terrific weather, sunny, no wind, and the course wasn’t too wet.  It was cart path only, so we all got our prescribed 10,000 steps in!

The game was two best ball.  We had several threesomes and one twosome, so the blind draw calculating for the second best ball was a little time consuming.

Here are the results:

First Place, Guest Flight, Score 139

Susan Leeper

Debbie Ruiz

Conchita Christensen

First Place, Member Flight, Score 130

Cathy Fancey

Patty Uyeno

Closest to the Pin:

Guest (Hole 7):  Conchita Christensen 49’4”

Member (Hole 14):  Terry Billingham 9’4.5”

Chip-ins:  $4.75 each

Jeanne Zwemer, Hole #9

Joanne Smith, Hole #4


Next Week we resume 8:30am Shotgun Starts.

is from 7:30 – 8:00 am


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