Spring Handicap Final Results – May 7, 2019

Hi Ladies-

We wrapped up our Spring Handicap Tournament yesterday and our new Handicap Champion is Sondi Schnee!!  

We had 25 participants in 4 flights, total of two best rounds counted.  Winner of Flight 1 (Hcps 5-13) was Cindy Aafedt; Flight 2 (Hcps 22-25) Winner was Terry Billingham, second place went to Sandy Smith; Flight 3 (Hcps 26-32) was a tie between Deborah Veatch and Sherry Boyd, broken on the back nine with Deborah taking 1st; Flight 4 (Hcps 34-36) was won by Sally Sturney, second place going to Jo Smith.

Winners received gift certificates and small plants and, in addition, our champion receives our version of the Green Jacket, a fleece vest.

On to the statistics:

We had one notable:  Terry Billingham broke 90!

Chip-ins, worth $5 each:

Kay Gschwend, total of four (three on  5/7!)

Kris Rogers had two

Rochelle Baxley, Lisa Ferrante, Bonnie Ladd, Francis Shipilov, Cindy Aafedt, and Debbie Kelley had one each.


Rochelle Baxley, Kay Gschwend, Dana Wardstrom (2), Lisa Ferrante, Sherry Boyd, Cindy Aafedt (3), Terry Billingham, and Annette Krey (2).

Thanks to great participation, good weather, favorable course conditions, and help from the Pro Shop, it turned out to be a fun tournament.  Well, more fun for some than others, I guess.

See attached photos for all the nitty gritty and hope to see you all try our Fall Championship Tournament.  It’s Gross, but we have Net Flights, so everyone can sharpen competitive skills, and has the chance to be a winner!


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