Crystal Ball – Playday July 23, 2019

Today was interesting in that you could approach playing one of your nightmare holes with a total sense of detachment – that hole wasn’t going to count, so no biggie.  Darn if that hole didn’t turn out to be a great hole for some folks!  Terry Billingham threw out hole 17, and birdied it with a less than 1’3” putt!  Guess there was a cloud in her crystal ball.

Annette didn’t need a crystal ball as she shot a fabulous round – 72, one over par!

On to the results:

Flight 1 – Hcps up through 28

1st – Jeanne Zwemer, 54, $9

2nd – Annette Krey, 55, $6.50

3rd – Frances Shipilov, 57, $4.50

Flight 2 – Hcps 29 to 36

1st – Susan Leeper, 51, $9

2nd – Debbie Kelley 53, $6.50

3rd – Doris Bunnell, 55, $4.50

Closest to the Pins:

Hole 7 – 27’2” Annette Krey $9

Hole 17 – 1’3” Terry Billingham $9

There were no higher handicappers on the green, so this was a particularly profitable day for the winners.

Chip Ins:

Marie Verza on #6 & Bonnie Ladd on #4: 9.50 each.


Kathy Readler – Hole 2, very long downhill putt (another crystal ball miscue as this was a throw out) Annette Krey – Holes 5, 11 & 14 Terry Billingham – Hole 17

Remember to sign up for Guest Day next Tuesday!

Thanks for playing,

Bonnie and Kathy


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