Even Holes – Playday September 10, 2019

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood today.  Here are the results of our game which was EVEN HOLES.

 First Flight:

1st Place, Jill Chase,score of 39, winning $6.66 in sweeps.

2nd Place, Lisa Ferrante, score of 39.5, winning $4.00.

 Second Flight:

1st Place, Joanne Leete, score of 35.5, winning $6.67

Tied 2nd, Jan Baehr and Cathy Fancey, score of 37.5, each winning $2.00

 Third Flight:

1st Place, Doris Bunnell, score of 35, winning $6.67

2nd Place, Kris Rogers, score of 37, winning $4.00

 Chip ins: each worth $8.00

Jeanne Zwemer, hole 7

Joanne Leete, hole 18

 CTP, each worth $5.25

Hole 2, Mary Watkins, 31′ 6″

Hole 17, Jill Chase, 3′ 4″

Hole 17, Kris Rogers, 10′ 11″

 As a reminder, there will not be a play day next week because we are sponsoring a Central Valley Team play event.  

 Congratulations to all our winners.  

 Cathy and Sally


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