Changes in holes not played


This was discussed at the regional meeting last week. It is in the Rules of Handicapping, different publication from the Rules of Golf.

One of the big changes is that you used to be able to play 13 holes and post an 18 hole score. It is now changed to 14. (If playing 9 holes, you needed 7 in the past and that has not changed. It made sense to change it for 18-holes to 7 x 2 =14).

What you take on the remaining holes depends on whether you started to play the hole or not. I have attached a document that goes over these 2 situations in detail.

Also, please be sure to post your scores by midnight the day you play. This is recommended by the World Handicap System.

Thank you Donna and Bonnie for your input


Holes not played or not finished.docx

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