More Open Days

Hi Ladies-

See attached for details on latest Open Days: San Juan Oaks on April 21, Rossmoor and Woodbridge on April 23, Richmond on April 28, and Lake of the Pines on April 29. All except San Juan Oaks allow you to partner with another person or as a foursome. Richmond is special in that you can invite an non-WGANC female to be your guest partner.

As you no doubt are aware, all previously scheduled Open Days have been canceled, so here’s hoping the coronavirus threat is much diminished and these Open Days proceed as planned.

Please let me know by March 30 is you want to attend San Juan Oaks, Woodbridge or Rossmoor, and by April 6 for Lake of the Pines and Richmond.

Bonnie Ladd
Open Day Chair

San Juan Oaks-LOI-2020 FINAL (1).pdf

Lake of the Pines LOI.pdf

Rossmoor LOI.pdf

Woodbridge-LOI-2020 FINAL (1).pdf

Richmond-LOI-2020 FINAL.pdf


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