Congratulations to the 2020 Eclectic Winners

Hello Ladies,

Thank you for participating in Eclectic 2020. Even though in prior years we averaged 25-30 play days, we still had more than ten games this year to try to better our score on each individual hole.

Here are the Eclectic winners for those of you who were not able to attend our gathering after the Turkey Shoot today. Big congratulations to Julie and Cindy and all of the Flight Winners.

Low Net Winner ($45)Julie Hansen (Net of 48)
Low Gross Winner ($45) Cindy Aafedt Gross of 63 (Net of 55.55)

First Flight – Handicaps 0 – 19
1st Place ($40) Terry Billingham Net of 51.00
2nd Place ($30) Cathy Houston Net of 57.83
3rd Place ($20) Cindy Renshaw Net of 57.86
4th Place ($10) Donna Grover Net of 58.25

Second Flight – Handicaps 21-24
1st Place ($40) Conchita Christensen Net of 53.67
2nd Place ($30) Amelia Lyons Net of 53.75
3rd/4th Place Tie ($15) Sandy Smith Net of 57.67
3rd/4th Place Tie ($15) Rochelle Baxley Net of 57.67

Third Flight – Handicaps 25 – 31
1st Place ($40) Bonnie Ladd Net of 54.36
2nd Place ($30) Sandy Mize Net of 54.50
3rd Place ($20) Kathy Readler Net of 55.25
4th Place ($10) Cathy Fancey Net of 55.70

Fourth Flight – Handicaps 32 – 36
1st Place ($40) Sally Sturney Net of 51.27
2nd Place ($30) Susan Leeper Net of 51.92
3rd/4th Place Tie ($15) Sondi Schnee Net of 53.40
3rd/4th Place Tie ($15) Joanne Smith Net of 53.40

Even though Eclectic is a “net” game, honorable mention is due to several “Gross” achievements:

Lisa Ferrante Gross of 64
Terry Billingham Gross of 66
Annette Krey Gross of 67
Lin Lenson Gross of 69
Donna Grover Gross of 70
Cathy Houston Gross of 71

If you are a winner but were unable to attend today, on Thursday your winnings will be in the Eclectic folder in our Pro Shop drawer in an envelope with your name on it. I will transfer your cash winnings to a check.

Please turn in your $10 for 2021 Eclectic to Sally Sturney who will be the chairperson in 2021. Thank you to the 20 ladies ($200) who signed up today. It would be great if everyone participated. Please deposit your $10 in the bright envelope in our Pro Shop Drawer, or you can mail Sally your check (2095 Cypress Point, Discovery Bay, CA 94505).

I look forward to our new year and to normally scheduled play days!

Happy Thanksgiving!

2020 Eclectic Chairperson


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