Notes from Advisory Board

> Still repairing carts. If you have a cart with a problem, be sure to tell someone after your round which cart # and what the problem was. >
> Divots – if you take a large divot in the fairway please replace it – no need to load it up with sand also. Please repair divots you see on the green as well. >
> Ropes on the course do get moved around to even out the wear and tear on the golf course. >
> Would like to get to 9-minute tee times to allow more players in a day. Carts with dividers can be used for 2 people, not necessarily from the same household. >
> Snack bar hours will be extended to 4pm.
> If you see anyone on the course that doesn’t belong, please report it to the pro shop – there have been kids seen playing on the course and fishing. One green did sustain some damage from someone riding a golf cart on it. >
> New pro shop staff – Mike Bradford – so far seems to be working out well. >
> Chris is still low on greens staff, hoping to fill those positions soon. Tree work continues, tree on #13 is leaning over and will need to come out. We need rain – and a good soak!!! >
> Food service – take-out is available 5 days a week. Please support the club. >
> If you have any comments or questions for the next meeting please let me know. >
> Thanks,
> Donna
> —
> Donna Grover
> 408-981-6073


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