Spring Handicap Tournament Results

We had 20 players. Down from our usual, due to conflicts. The dates are published in our manual at the first of the year.

Francis Shipilov is our 2022 Champion. She had a net 71 and 69-140.  For that win, Francis will receive an embroidered vest, a few fresh lilies, and $80 pro shop money.

Flight winners received $60 and $30 pro shop monies.

1st Place

1st flight- Terry Billingham 150

2nd flight- Dana Wardstrom 143

3rd flight- Conchita Christensen 144

4th flight- Jeanne Zwemer 151

2nd Place

1st flight- Annette Krey 151. Annette won in a card off tie breaker with Becky Heagle and Lisa Ferrante.

2nd flight- Cathy Houston 145

3rd flight- Cathy Fancey 151

4th flight- Bonnie Ladd 155

Chip ins were Annette Krey #12, Dana Wardstrom #1, Cathy Houston #1, Cindy Renshaw #14.  They shared the allotted $20.

Birdies-Lisa Ferrante #1, Annette Krey #7,12, Cindy Aafedt #2,6,15,17, Becky Heagle #5,6,11;
Donna Grover #2, Cathy Houston #1, Cindy Renshaw #14, Conchita Christensen #10, Fran Grace #2.

Next play day is May 24, and it is open on Fore Tees. Becky is running the game that day.

Cindy and Becky


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