Play Day Results-July 19, 2022

34 ladies today. We went all the way back to hole 13. Great participation. I will apologize about the tough game today, since I personally heard no complaints. Low putts of the team was the game.

3 way tie for 3rd with 133. Broke on the back side. Not prevailing was Becky Heagle,Annette Krey,Donna Ybarra,Kelly Vik as did Cindy Renshaw,Cathy Fancey,Cindy Aafedt,Blind draw.

3rd place: Debbie Martin, Joanne Leete, Sondi Schnee, Pam Musselman. They each won $6.
2nd place: Kris Rogers,Sonja Welin, Lisa Ferrante, Blind draw with 132. $10.50 for the 3.
1st place: Pleasantly surprised were Fran Grace, Doris Bunnell, Deborah Veatch, Sally Sturney with 130 putts. They each raked in $15.75.

Chip ins were $8.25 each
Donna Ybarra #17, Deborah Veatch #7, Doris Bunnell #13, Joanne Leete #10

Closest to pins $8 each
Handicaps 0-24/ 25-36
#2 Becky Heagle 13’1″/ Sandy Mize 12’1″
#7 Annette Krey 10″/ Doris Bunnell 20’8.5″
#14 Cindy Aafedt 9’10″/ Deborah Veatch 30′ 5″
#17 Annette Krey 6’4″/ Sandy Mize 8’8″

Annette Krey #7,#17 , Deborah Veatch #7, Lisa Ferrante #5,17, Cindy Aafedt #14, Donna Ybarra #17, Cathy Houston #8, Julie Hanson #8

The 18 holers will be dark for a few weeks. Next play day is August 9th, then August 23. If you want to see everyone more often, get a team together for the invitational August 16, 17. Becky has put in many hours to show us a great time. Please support her efforts and our club.
Cindy and Becky


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