Play Day Results-Jan 31, 2023

19 Ladies braved the frozen tundra of Disco Bay!! Frost Delay didn’t waver the committed. Sun was out, so that helped warm up the outing. The game was Sweet and Sour. Pick 4 best scores on front (or old back) and 4 best scores from back (or old front) and 1 worst score from the 18. Deduct ½ handicap, and hence your score. Results were:

1st Flight (0-16 Hdcp)
1st Place-$15Donna Ybarra30.5 pts
2nd Place-$7Cathy Houston33 pts
2nd Flight (19-28 Hdcp)
1st Place-$15Fran Grace31.5 pts
2nd Place-$7.50Lani Maloney32 pts
3rd Flight (29-36 Hdcp)
1st Place-$15Bonnie Ladd31.5 pts
2nd Place-$7Fe Estrella32 pts

Closest to Pin paid $4.50 each:

Handicap 0-24Handicap 25-36
#5 (old #14)Jenny Dillon 33′ 1″Joanne Leete 26′
#8 (old #17)Frances Shipilov 24′ 6″Lani Maloney 58”
#11 (old #2)Donna Ybarra 32′ 0.75″Lani Maloney 13′ 1.25″
#16 (old #7)Cindy Aafedt 7’6″

Chip in’s – since there was a $17 carryover, these were hotly contested today. Guess we like those red flag pin placements. Chips ins paid $6.00 much to the disappointment of everyone. Thought we were cashing in.

Cathy Houston                  Hole 2 (old 11)

Doris Bunnell                     Hole 7 (old 16)

Donna Ybarra                     Hole 6 (old 15) and 14 (old 5)

Sally Sturney                      Hole 14 (old 5)

Sonja Welin                        Hole 14 (old 5)

Birdies for the day

Terry Billingham                Hole 1 (old 10)

Cathy Houston                  Hole 2 (old 11)

Donna Ybarra                     Hole 11 (old 2)

Next play day is 2/14/23. It’s Valentine Bingo, as was requested by the fan base. Foretees is open for sign ups. It’s set up for foursomes, so make your own and sign up. Or just sign up with someone and make a new golfing buddy!! Foretees will close 2/6/23 at 6 p.m. We have 20 signed up so far. 

Thanks for playing today.


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