March 29, 2011 Guest Day Results

We had 40 players, including 11 guests. The weather was lovely, and we had a wonderful lunch served in the Main Dining Room. The game was Two Best Net Ball. There were only two members-only teams, so we played one flight. And the winners were:

First Place, Score 129, Winning 4 balls each

Sonja Welin

Marti Fowler

Bonnie Ladd

Cathy Fancey

Second Place, Score 130, Winning 3 balls each

Linda Beatty

Nancy Kramer

Annette Krey

Shelly Morgan

Third Place, Score 132, Winning 2 balls each

Nancy Lahait

Nina Hoffman

Sandy Smith

Anne Wangeman

Closest to the Pin (Hole #2)

Member: Liz Lord, 3’ 7-1/4”

Guest: Gayle De Loach, 24’ 11”


Frances Shipilov #8

Liz Lord #2, #14

Sandy Smith #17

Dana Wardstrom #2

Chip-ins: ($2.50 each)

Dana Wardstrom #16

Jeanne Zwemer #3

Sondi Schnee #16

Judi Bartoli #8

Bonnie Ladd #17

Cathy Fancey #9

Marti Fowler #16

Anne Wangeman #14

Congratulations to all, and thank you for playing.

Happy Golfing



March 22 Play Day Results

Our first game of Spring was “Clean Your Garden”. Each player tossed out one Par 3, one Par 4, and one Par 5. And the winners were:

Flight 1: 1st Place, Jackie Amthauer, Score 51 ($7), 2nd Place, Sandy Smith, Score 54 ($5),

3rd Place, Dana Wardstrom, Score 57 ($4)

Flight 2: 1st Place, Sonja Welin, Score 51 ($7), 2nd Place, Jan McCleery, Score 51 ($5),

3rd Place, Cathy Surdez, Score 54 ($4)

Birdies: Jackie Amthauer, Hole 8

Chip-ins: Dana Wardstrom, Hole 18

Closest to the Pin ($3 each)

Hole #2 – 1st Flight, Liz Lord (13’ 4-1/2)

2nd Flight, Joanne Smith (15’1”0

Hole #7 – 1st Flight, Dana Wardstrom (4’11”)

Hole #17 – 1st Flight, Hilary Frigillana (20’3”)

Congratulations to all!

Happy Golfing


Play Day Results, March 15, 2011

The rain was held at bay, and 18 ladies played AND completed the play day. The game was Stableford – Par Points. And the winners were:

Flight 1: Jackie Amthauer, 21 points, $8.00

Dana Wardstrom, 19 points, $6.00

Cathy Houston, 18 points, $4.00

Flight 2: Ann Wangeman, 18 points, $8.00

Sonja Welin, 17 points, $6.00

Joanne Smith, 16 points, $4.00

Congratulations ladies.

Ann Wangeman also had the sole “Chip-in” (Hole #7), which netted her $16.00!

Gay Wold had the sole “Birdie”, Hole #8

Closest-to-the-Pin: Each winning $2.50

Hole 2 – Hilary Frigillana, 47’6”

Hole 7 – Jackie Amthauer 27’1”

Joanne Smith 11’ 3.5”

Hole 14 – Cathy Houston 23’1”

Grace Berend 67’4”

Hole 17 – Donna Reich 11’2”

Special Congratulations go out to Donna Reich for her Hole-in-One on Friday, March 12. She went out to play a “short” game and got her HIO on #2, forcing her to play the whole round… Ah gee!

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Happy Golfing


Play Day Results for March 8th

HI Ladies,

What a beautiful day we had, perfect for golf…

Our game was Points Putts and Low Net

Congratulations to our Winners:

Overall Low Net Winner: with a Net Score of 70 – Cathy Fancey
Lowest Putts Winner: with 29 putts – Dana Wardstrom
Overall Low Gross: with a gross score of 78 – Annette Krey

1st Flight Winners
1st place: Annette Krey score 71 Sweeps won $4.00
2nd place: Lin Lenson score 75 Sweeps won $2.25

2nd Flight Winners (tie broke on hole #16)
1st place: Sonja Welin score 76 Sweeps won $4.00
2nd place: Cathy Surdez score 76 Sweeps won $2.25

Chip Ins Mary Watkins on hole # 17 paid $20.00

Birdies: Nancy Lencioni on hole# 2
Annette Krey on hole# 13 & 14
Mary Watkins on hole# 17

Closest to the Pin – Winners received $3.80

Handicap 0 -23 Handicap 24-36
Hole # 2 Nancy Lencioni 39″ Brenda Reisinger 30′ 6″
Hole# 7 Dana Wardstrom 10′ 5″ Brenda Reisinger 10′ 4″
Hole# 14 Annette Krey 3′ 10″

Great Game Ladies!!

Thank you,

Play Day Results for March 1st

Hi Ladies,

Well the morning started out very cold on my way to the club my car temp was at 37 degrees, when I came back to the club at 12:30 pm my car temp was at 65 degrees, turned out to be nice day for golf!!!

Our game: Odds & Evens (Team)

We had two teams with a 89 our tie breaker was on hole #12

First Place Winners (with a blind draw):
Liz Lord – Cathy Fancey – Cam Donald – Joanne Smith
Sweeps won $5.50 each

Second Place Winners:
Mary Watkins – Bonnie Lad d – Brenda Reisinger – Ann Wangeman
Sweeps won $4.00 each

Closest to the Pin:
Hole # Handicap 0 -27 Handicap 27 – 36
7 Sandy Smith 10′ 11″
14 Mary Watkins 41′ Cathy Surdez 6″ 10″
Amount paid to our winners $4.70 each

Chip ins: Anne Wangeman on hole #17 and Janet Brown on hole # 7
Amount paid to our winners $8.00 each..

Birdies: Cathy Fancey Hole # 15 and Janet Brown Hole # 7

Congratulations to all our Winners!!!!

Thank you,
Beckie Carter

Upcoming DBWGC Meetings

DBWGC upcoming meetings:
– March 1 after golf (or at 1 PM if golf is rained out) – our first 2011 Board Meeting. Anyone interested is invited to attend.
– March 15 after golf – our first General Meeting – PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND. I’ll send out an agenda for that meeting prior.

These are in our Roster Calendars and listed on the website under Current Events –

For the General Meeting, we have one carry-over item to vote on, namely a Bylaw change that was voted on in the September meeting but hadn’t been posted for 2 weeks prior to that meeting so needs to be re-voted on (see attached). The change is to include absentee ballots in items being voted on. The to-be-voted-on change is shown below in blue/underline:

“A quorum is required for any Bylaw changes (members in attendance plus absentee ballots). A majority affirmative vote of the membership present plus absentee ballots shall be necessary for passage.”

Note you can always find a copy of the latest Bylaws and Tournament Regulations on the website on the right side.

Feb 15th Play Day CANCELLED!!!

Hi Ladies,

Tuesday Feb 15th Play Day has been CANCELLED due to the weather and not enough players!!!!

There will be NO play day February 22nd, the Club is Closed!!

Our next play day will be March 1st..

Our game will be:
Odds & Evens (TEAM)
Please use ONE NET BEST BALL on the odd holes
and TWO NET BALLS on the EVEN holes.
Circle the scores used on each hole.
Total the best balls for the TEAM score

ATTENTION: New Starting times!!!!
Check in will be from 7:15 am to 8:00 am with a 8:30 am shot gun start. Optional $1.00 for closest to the pin and $1.00 chip-in. A $2.00 sweep charge will be automatically charged to your account if you play.

Thank you,
Beckie Carter
(925) 634- GOLF (4653)

Play Day Results for Feb 1st

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Play day results for Tuesday Feb. 1st
We had fog at sign up!!!
But then the sun came out at 9:00am just in time to brighten up the day…

1st Place winners (with a blind draw!!) Score 40
Jeanne Zwemer $8.67
Janet Brown $8.67
Cathy Fancey $8.67
Thank you Bonnie Ladd!!!

2nd Place Winners (Broke on Hole # 4 – also with a blind draw) Score 38
Dana Wardstrom $6.00
Gay Wold $6.00
Donna Johnson 6.00
Thank you Bonnie Ladd!!!

Today’s Birdies Chip – ins
Janet Brown # 7 Janet Brown # 7 Shelly Morgan #2 Cathy Surdez #15 $20.00

Closest to the pin – $4.50 each
Low Handicap 0 – 23 High Handicap 24 – 36
Hole # 2 Kay Smith 7′ 11″ Joanne Smith 15′ 1″
Hole # 7 Dana Wardstrom 22′ 1/2″
Hole # 14 Len Lenson 18′ 1″

Next Tuesday Feb 8th game is PPLN : Frani will be the primary
Check in will be from 8:00am to 8:30am with a 9:00am shot gun start. Optional $1.00 for closest to the pin and $1.00 chip-in. A $2.00 sweep charge will be automatically charged to your account if you play.

Thank you,

Play Day Results Jan 25

Hi Ladies,

Todays result of two net best ball is as follows:

First Place: $6.00 each (Team Net of 130 – tie broke on back nine)
Jenny Dillon
Dana Wardstrom
Joanne Smith
Cate Lewallen

Second Place: $4.50 each (Team Net of 130)
Mary Watkins
Jeanne Zwemer
Sonja Welin
Janet Brown

Chip- Ins: $6.50 each
Lin Lenson Hole #18
Kay Smith Hole #5
Dana Wardstrom Hole #3

Lin Lenson Hole #17
Janet Brown Hole #8
Jeanne Zwemer Hole #7 & 11
Dana Wardstrom Hole # 17 & 7
Donna Reich Hole # 7

Closest to the Pin: $3.10 each
Handicap 0-25 Handicap 26-36
Hole #7 Jeanne Zwemer 3′ 6″ Anne Wangeman 29′ 2″
Hole #14 Cathy Fancey 41′ 4″ Grace Berend 21′
Hole #17 Lin Lenson 1′ 1″ Janet Brown 11′ 10″

Jill Chase