Guest Day Results 5/25 (Fran)

Game: Most Pars: Each player earns a point for net par or better on each hole. The team score is the total points of the 4 players.

We had 36 ladies come out to play even though we had iffy weather forecasts. The weather was wonderful, the rain held off until we were all finished and enjoying our lunches. Here are the results:

Guest Flight Team Score Balls Member Only Flight Team Score Balls
1st Place Frances Shipilov 54 4 ea Jill Chase 47 4 ea
Nancy Lencioni Grace Berend
Kay Boscia Kay Smith
Linda Stebbins Sonja Welin
2nd Place Cathy Fancey 53 3 ea
Nancy Kramer
Anne O’Prey
MaryAnn Hansen


Chip Ins Hole Birdies Hole
Judy Bartoli 15 Debbie Martin 11
Liz Lord 15 Cathy Fancey 8
Sondi Schnee 15 Nancy Kramer 2
Dana Wardstrom 16 Christina Gray 14
Christina Gray 15 Diane Sevim 17
Donna Reich 12 Milly Coldwell 3
Milly Coldwell 10


Nancy Kramer 3’ 10” None

Play Day Results 5/18 (Fran)

Game: Crystal Ball – BEFORE beginning their round, each Player had to select a Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5 that would be tossed out from their final score. Very tricky selecting before playing the holes.

We had 28 ladies come out to play and the weather was glorious. Here are the results:

1st Flight Score Sweeps 2nd Flight Score Sweeps 3rd Flight Score Sweeps
1st Place Frances Shipilov 53 $6.00 Jill Chase 51 $6.00 Sonja Welin 48 $6.00
2nd Place Nancy Kramer 54 $5.00 Marti Fowler 52 $5.00 Bonnie Ladd 49 $5.00
3rd Place Debbie Martin 56 $1.00 Mary Watkins 54 $1.50 Donna Reich 53 $3.00
3rd Place T Kay Smith 56 $1.00 Jan McCleery 54 $1.50
3rd Place T Nancy Lencioni 56 $1.00


Chip Ins Hole Birdies Hole
Nancy Lencioni 3 Debbie Martin 17
Donna Johnson 10 & 15 Nancy Lencioni 17
Janet Brown 4 Sonja Welin 7
Donna Reich 17 Mary Watkins 6
Sondi Schnee 17
Joanne Smith 17


2 Frances Shipilov 25’ 1” Mary Watkins 4’ 4.5”
7 Frances Shipilov 13’ 2” Sonja Welin 4’ 1”
14 Hilary Frigillana 18’ 7” Raquel Myers 17’ 1.5”
17 Nancy Lencioni 2’ 3” Joanne Smith 2’ 2.5”

Diablo Team Play 4/20 (Becky)

Diablo Team play was held at Discovery Bay yesterday and in spite of rain…the sun did come out and all players were able to finish in sunshine.

Listed below are the results from the day as well as the current standings.

Crow Canyon 45.5
Discovery Bay 42.5
Blackhawk 37.5
Roundhill 37.0
Orinda 37.0
Diablo 35.0
Oakhurst 35.0
Castlewood 34.5
Moraga 26.5
Contra Costa 26.5
Crow Canyon 42.5
Orinda 41.0
Blackhawk 40.0
Discovery Bay 38.5
Diablo 37.0
Roundhill 35.0
Moraga 33.5
Castlewood 32.0
Oakhurst 31.0
Contra Costa 26.5
Current Standings
Blackhawk 164
Crow Canyon 158
Castlewood 153
Discovery Bay 152
Round Hill 149
Moraga 144.5
Contra Costa 143.5
Oakhurst 134
Orinda 129.5
Diablo 121
Blackhawk 157.5
Crow Canyon 155.5
Moraga 147
Discovery Bay 144.5
Castlewood 143.5
Round Hill 143.5
Oakhurst 140
Orinda 137.5
Diablo 132.5
Contra Costa 129

Play Day 4/13 (Frances)

Wow! At last! What a beautiful day. Sunshine, no wind… could this really mean that Spring is finally here? We had 22 ladies come out to play. Today’s game was Points, Putts and Low Net. The putting was a bit challenging due to recent aeration and sanding.

And the winners were:

Overall Low Gross: Patty Uyeno with a gross score of 91 earned a “Low Gross” pin.

Overall Low Net: Raquel Myer with a net score of 70 earned $6.50 and a “Low Net” pin.

Overall Low Putts: Dana Wardstrom with 29 putts earned $6.50 and a “Low Putts” pin.

Flight Winners:

First Flight

  • 1st place with a net score of 71, Jeanne Zwemer earned $4.50
  • 2nd place with a net score of 72, Patty Uyeno earned $3.50
  • 3rd place with a net score of 73, Kay Smith earned $2.00

Second Flight

  • 1st place with a net score of 72, Cam Donald earned $4.50
  • 2nd place with a net score of 73, Joanne Smith earned $3.50
  • 3rd place with a net score of 73, Sandy Smith earned $2.00 (tie broken on back 9)

Birdies : Dana Wardstrom, Hole #17

Chip-ins: None – $11.00 rolls over.

Closest to the pin (each earning $4.00):

Hole #2 Mary Watkins, 36’10” and Marti Fowler, 33’

Hole #7 Jan McCleery, 16’9” and Bonnie Ladd, 10’9”

Hole #14 (None)

Hole #17 Dana Wardstrom 23’ (and she made the putt for the birdie above!)

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to all the ladies who participated. Look forward to seeing you on the 27th for our Guest Day. Remember to sign-up on Fore Tees under events.

Happy Golfing Frani

Play Day, 3/23/2010 (Frances)

The game was called “Criers”, but darned if I can figure out why… You get to throw out your worst three holes and take a “Par”! Should be called “Cheers”!

We had 14 ladies play and the winners were:

Tied for 3rd place ($1.25pp) with a net score of 66:

· Jeanne Zwemer, Dana Wardstrom, Kay Gschwend and Marti Fowler

Second Place ($7.00) with a net score of 64: Liz Lord

First Place ($9.00) with a net score of 63: Joanne Smith

Congratulations Ladies!!!

Additional Honors:
Chip-ins ($2.25pp)

· Nancy Lencioni, Hole #10

· Liz Lord, Hole #11

· Marti Fowler, Hole #17

Closest to the Pin ($4.25pp):

· Hole #7 Jan McCleery 10’2” and Cam Donald 10’6”

· Hole #14 Dana Wardstrom 15’10.5”

Well Done! Hope to see a good turnout Tuesday, March 30th for Guest Day!

Happy Golfing… Frani

Play Day, 3/16/2010 (Frances)

Wow! We had another terrific day for golf. Sunshine, blue skies, aerated fairways (ha, ha!), and I hear we have another week of great weather ahead!

We had 19 ladies show up to play. We had a last minute cancellation from Donna Johnson because she sprained her wrist playing Sunday. We hope she’s back in action soon!

The game was “Blarney Ball”. Sweeps were paid to the top two teams:

First Place Team – $20 ($5pp)
Patty Uyeno
Frances Shipilov
Raquel Myers
Kay Gschwend

Second Place Team – $9 ($3pp)
Jenny Dillon
Bonnie Ladd
Anne Wangeman

We had one “on hole #7 – Vicky Scholle.

We had one “Chip-in” on hole # 18 – Bonnie Ladd winning $16.50!

Closest to the Pin honors and $2.25 pp per hole went to:
Hole #2 Jeanne Zwemer (37’4”) and Cam Donald (53’3”)
Hole #7 Vicky Scholle (27’) and Kay Gschwend (15’1”)
Hole #14 Patty Uyeno (21’6.5”) and Kay Gschwend (20’9.5”)
Hole #17 Patty Uyeno (11’10”) and Marti Fowler (12’)

The coordinators for next week, 3/23 are Beckie Carter and Diane Sevim.

Happy Golfing….


Play Day, 3/9/2010 (Frances)

Our first play day of 2010 started out brisk, but turned into a very nice day. The course was in great shape and the ladies were delighted to be able to use their carts. The game today was Points, Putts and Low Net. We had 16 ladies play.
Our Winners were:
Overall Low Net – Jeanne Zwemer – Net 75 ($6.00 + award pin)
Overall Low Putts – Bonnie Ladd – 30 putts ($6.00 + award pin)
Flight Winners:
1st/2nd Tied: Frances Shipilov and Brenda Reisinger – Net 76 ($4.50 each)
3rd: Mary Watkins – Net 77 ($3.00)

Low Gross: Annette Krey – 90 Gross (Award Pin)

Closest to the Pin:
Hole #7 Frances Shipilov – 17’8” ($7.50)
Hole # 17 Jeanne Zwemer – 4’8 ¼ “ ($7.50)

We had one “birdie”: Dana Wardstrom – Hole # 17

Congratulations to all our players.