The final chapter of Kay’s story (Hilary)

Hi Ladies:

I know you’ve all had sleeples nights wondering, "Will Kay love have a new golfing partner named Eddy?"

Or "Will she persuade him to come to Discovery Bay and give us all insights into our golf games?

Your nights will be worry free after you read the final chapter of Kay’s story. Here it is. Enjoy.

We are back in the Fairway room listening to Kay Loves’ story from Myrtle Beach. This is the last chapter…….her golf guru speaks his final words of wisdom.

HOW KAY LOVE SAW THE LIGHT (or met her golf guru)…PART III

“So, Kay Love did you let him buy you another drink?” I asked. “Well for sure I did.” she replied, “He’d given my ego a beating so I deserved something in return. Mind you everything he said was right. Actually, I thought he’d finished his “Insights into Kay’s game” but I was wrong.”

“So Missus, I’ve gotta be getting back home soon, didn’t realize it was gone 5 already, can’t be late for dinner now can I? You got the stamina for one more thing I wanna share with you?”

“Sure.” I replied, “Go for it Eddy, I can take anything now, what more can there be?”

“When I met you earlier today you told me that you had been looking forward to playing this wonderful course of ours and you were so disappointed in your game today. You came all this way and you quit after only nine holes, what was that about?

“I was hoping to shoot in the low 40s on the front.” I sighed, “I’ve played courses with a similar slope and a 48 was not what I was shooting for? As I told you my whole game was a disaster. I understand now that my game wasn’t helped by me letting my adrenaline control my desire for the perfect shot. Obsessing about a perfect swing didn’t help me today either. I shouldn’t have been thinking about my Pro and my shoulder dip.”

“I understand Missus. A 48 eh, how did you do on the first hole with those bunkers guarding the green?

“I got in the bunker with a terrible shot with my three wood.” I shuddered at the thought of it.

“But how did you get out, that’s a deep bunker?” Eddy asked.

“Sure is deep, got out in one and made the putt.” I answered.

“That was a good up and down Missus. How ‘bout the third hole with that ribbon of a green alongside the lake?”

“Terrible.” I winced at the memory. “My 5 wood to the green landed right into the deep rough at the back.”

“Hmm a five wood?” Eddy said, “You musta had a great drive to get you to within a 5 wood distance from the green?

I thought for a moment and said, “I suppose so, I was driving the ball well today.

“Think hard,” he said, “how many good drives did you have?”

I struggled to remember as all I could think of was the bad shots. I finally realized. “Seven.” I said.

“Seven wow, well that’s every hole you needed a driver on you came through, right?”

“Right, Eddy I didn’t think of it that way.”

He continued his quizzing “Any other great sand saves like on hole number one you can remember?

“Oh yes,” I answered quickly, “that deep bunker on 4 I got out of easily and the one on 7 was a breeze too”.

Eddy wasn’t done yet, “Think about your putting, how many three putts you have?

That was simple for me to answer. “None.”

“So for a player who was having a disastrous round your drives were good, you had miraculous sand saves and no three putts . Where was this disaster you’re talking about?” Eddy asked.

“My score, I told you, a 48 for 9 holes. It was not what I wanted.”

"I want you to think like this from now on, your best game isn’t necessarily the one with the lowest score. Your best game is when you do exactly what you want to do a lot of the time. Don’t focus on your numbers, focus on your performance. When I play my aim is to plan the type of shot I want to make, and then make it happen. Plan, then execute. If you can make many of the shots just as you planned you’re having a good round. Look at your numbers in a different way. You’ll often be surprised that a bad “by the numbers” game wasn’t that bad after all.”

Then he got up from the table, drank the last of his beer and said, “Gotta go now my dinner’s waiting. Good meeting you Missus, happy golfing!”

“Hilary, in an instant he was gone, and I never got the chance to thank him for his great insights into my game. The next day I asked at the Pro shop if they knew where Eddy was and no one remembers seeing him, weird eh?” said Kay Love, “Maybe I’ll get to meet him again one day?

So Ladies that’s the story of how “Kay Love Saw the Light (or met her golf guru)” but if you happen to ask Kay Love about Eddy and his guru abilities I have a feeling she may not remember seeing him either!


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