Spring Handicap Tournament (Fran)

Today concludes our 2010 Spring Handicap Tournament. Before I present the results, I want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Country Club Staff, especially Mark, for the generous support given this year’s tournament.

Mark donated the following “prizes” for our tournament:

    $25 Pro Shop Gift Certificate
    $15 Pro Shop Gift Certificate
    4 – Breakfast/Lunch Certificates
    Free Drink Coupon for each player for each round of play.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Also, I would like to thank Jon, Tom, and Bryce for making the pairings, creating scorecards, checking in the players, posting results and presenting the awards. It was a pleasure working with you all.

We had 26 ladies play in this year’s tournament. Now the RESULTS:


    $75 Pro Shop Credit, $25 Pro Shop Certificate & Trophy

First Flight:

    1st Place – Hilary Frigillana – $50 Pro Shop Credit, $15 Pro Shop Certificate & Trophy
    2nd Place – Jenny Dillon – $30 Pro Shop Credit

2nd Flight:

    1st Place – Mary Watkins – $50 Pro Shop Credit, 2 Breakfast/Lunch Certificates & Trophy
    2nd Place – Sandy Smith – $30 Pro Shop Credit

3rd Flight:

    1st Place – Janet Brown – $50 Pro Shop Credit, 2 Breakfast/Lunch Certificates & Trophy
    2nd Place – Donna Reich – $30 Pro Shop Credit


    6/8 Grace Berend #10, Jeanne Zwemer #12 — $6.50 each
    6/10 Carol Graybar #12, Marti Fowler #3, Sandy Smith #15, Sue Howell #17 — $4.35 each
    6/15 None (Chip-in pot for 6/15 was paid out evenly to the winners from 6/8 & 6/10 — $2.60 each

Additionally, each player received this “Lady Golfer” pin as a Tee-Gift for participating in the tournament.

I hope all of you who participated had fun and look forward to a good turn-out for the Club Championship in October.

Thanks again. Frani


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