CV Team Play 6/11 (Raquel)


Central Valley has completed one more Team Play (TP) tournament at Spring Creek CC. The golf course was in "tip-top" shape although somewhat windy. Discovery Bay team players played very enthusiatically and enjoyed another sucessful event.

The next TP event will take place here at our own DB golf course and this will give our teams some advantage.


Central Valley Team Play update:

Club combined standings by points: 16.0 fouth place tie, (high 21.0 – low 9.5)

Club combined by holes won: 114 holes seventh place, (high 125 – low 97)

Because you asked: DB A-team won 8 holes

B-team won 13 holes

…..for a total of 21 holes won at Spring Creek

If you have any other questions, please e-mail me and I’ll try to explain.

Thank you for your aupport and willingness to participate.



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