Guest Day Results 6/29 (Frani)

We had 35 ladies show up to play today, including 8 guests. Our guests were from Discovery Bay Country Club, Brentwood Golf Club, Deer Ridge Country Club, Tracy Country Club and Marin Country Club. It was a very warm day, but a nice breeze came up towards the end of the round and provided some relief.

The game was Three “Sixes” Best Ball. One best ball was used on the six hardest holes, two on the six medium holes, and three on the six easiest holes.

In the Members Only Flight:

  • The winning team with a score of 125, each winning 4 balls was:
    Jeanne Zwemer, Bonnie Ladd, Cynde Gerpheide, Shelly Morgan

In the Guest Flight:

  • The 1st Place team with a score of 118, each winning 4 balls was:
    Kay Gschwend, Verna Clark, Grace Berend, Jill Chase
  • The 2nd Place team with a score of 120, each winning 3 balls was:
    Frances Shipilov, Kay Boscia (Deer Ridge), Janet Brown, Jan McCleery
  • The 3rd Place team with a score of 123, each winning 2 balls was:
    Gay Wold, Karen Wold (Marin Country Club), Liz Lord, Marti Fowler

Closest to the Hole Winners were:

  • Guest: Karen Wold, Hole #7, 61’
  • Member: Jeanne Zwemer, Hole #14, 39’8”

Chip-in Winners, each winning $3.60, were:

  • Debbie Martin #17
  • Lin Lenson #15
  • Jan McCleery #18
  • Joanne Smith #12
  • Gayle DeLoach (Brentwood GC) #15

Birdies went to:

  • Nancy Kramer #1
  • Lee Allen (DBCC) #1
  • Jan McCleery #18
  • Shelly Morgan #11

Congratulations to all winners, and thank you to all participants for supporting our Women’s Golf Club.



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