C.V. Team Play Update 7/6 (Raquel)

Good Morning Ladies,

Yesterday, Discovery Bay hosted the Central Valley Team Play successfully. Ten clubs were represent and eighty players.

Our DB teams played well winning over all teams for this event: 4.5 points and 28 holes won. Each play will receive one sleeve of beautiful pink balls. CONGRATULATIONS!

DB team sweeps for this event was won by the team of Sue Howell and Sandy Smith by winning 10 holes, they received $8 each! WHOA!


Club combined standings by points: Third place – 20.5 (high 25.5 – low 12.0)

(Ranking: A Teams points won – 8.5

B Teams points won – 12.0)

Club combined by holes won: Third place – 142 (high 149 – low 120)

(Ranking: A Teams holes won – 67

B Teams holes won – 75)

The above standings explains how much effort our Discovery Bay Team Players place on having a successful tournament.

I want to thank Hillary Frigillana, Alice Cramer, Shirley Lopes and Joanne Smith for helping with distributing water/goodies, scorecards and etc. I want to also thank Walt, Ed Frigillana, Mike McCleery and Will Myers for helping load golf bags, distributing water and etc. Your participation made this a successful event. I am very appreciative of your efforts, could not have done all of this by myself.




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