The last 2010 Rules quiz (Hilary)

Hi Ladies:

It’s hard to believe our 18 holers’ golfing season is winding down. Time flies when you’re having fun.

This year we started our quizzes by covering “Nearest point of relief”, how to do it and when. Like at the staked tree on hole #1 or the cart path on hole #9.

We then learned not to carry a paper cup for our Kahlua in our golf cart as it could turn into an outside agency and move our ball.

Pesky ducks on hole #7 taught us how to deal with “Moving outside agencies” that think our ball is their egg.

Then last month those determined little insects on our ball showed us when to squish ‘em and when to leave them alone.

Let’s have a our last trip trip around our course for this year and see what trouble we can find.

1. Here we are on hole #8 and our ball is lying on the fringe of the putting green. It’s kinda narrow there and your fellow competitor’s ball is 10 yards behind you and they are getting ready to chip on to the green.
You kindly say, “Let me get my ball out of your way.” You go and mark your ball correctly and then pick it up.

Have you broken any Rule?

Yes you have. You have just broken rule 22-2.

You MAY lift your ball if you think it’s going to ASSIST another player but not if you think if would interfere. However your competitor CAN have your ball lifted if they think it will interfere with their next stroke.

Next time wait ‘til your competitor asks YOU to lift it. It’s hard to believe this but being nice can sometimes be a bad idea.

2. Peggy Sue’s ball lies near to, but to the side of your ball, in the fairway. It’s her turn to play and she asks you to lift your ball just because it catches her eye giving mental interference. What is the ruling?
A. It’s your choice, lift it or leave it

B. If you lift your ball you’ll get a penalty under rule 22-2 as in question #1

C. You must lift your ball.

D. You tell Peggy Sue to “suck it up” and quit whining

ANSWER: C. Decision 22/1 says that a player is entitled to have a ball lifted if it interferes mentally or physically with their play. If you refuse to lift your ball you will be disqualified, Rule 3-4

Let’s keep with this mental stuff and try this one.

3. You are on the fairway of hole #10. You get ready to hit your ball but a sprinkler head is between your feet and the ball.

A. You can move your ball/get free relief due to mental interference

B. You have to play it where it is and suck it up.

ANSWER: B. Unlike Peggy Sue, you must "suck it up" if the sprinkler head does not interfere with the lie of your ball, your stance, or area of swing.

4. Hole #17. Your tee shot just gets over the water, whew your lucky day. It lands on the grass and slowly rolls into the bunker in front of the green. Because it’s a long bunker shot you fail to get out and your ball lands back in the bunker 10 feet in front of where is was . You rake the bunker and walk forward to try again. What is your penalty?
A. You get a two stroke penalty for raking/ testing the surface of the bunker.

B. No penalty.

C. $50 because you decide to get bunker lessons

D. A one stroke penalty

ANSWER: B and C. After playing you ball in the bunker you may smooth the sand provided nothing is done to breach Rule 13-2 with respect to your next stroke. As your ball lay some distance from your raking there is no penalty. As for the $50, maybe it would be money well spent!

That’s it Ladies for this season. I hope you enjoyed the quizzes and they helped you.



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