General Meeting March 15, 2011

1:45 p.m. Meeting called to order by Jan McCleery in the upstairs ladies grill area.

Old Business: Approving the minutes from General Meeting September 14, 2010 Cam Donald wanted the minutes changed to state “that the player is to adjust their score and Dana Wardstrom (handicap) is double checking the scores, not the Pro Shop”. The correction so noted, Cam Donald moved to accept Minutes from the General Meeting of September 14, 2010 with the correction. Anne Wangeman seconded the motion, motion passed.

Bylaws Amendment: Jan showed yellow sheets on table, “Article X” about absentee ballots would become a part of the By-Laws. Discussion on how absentee ballots would be delivered to membership; 2 weeks ahead via email and in the pro shop drawer. Judy Bartoli questioned whether the “posting requirement” was followed and fulfilled. Fran Shiplov stated the official notice was posed for 14 days upstairs in the women’s locker room in September and felt the requirement had been fulfilled. This will be re-visited at the Board meeting and brought to the General Meeting next.
Also noted that Tournament Rules, Standing Rule #5 “Special sign-ups, important notices and information” shall be posted on the bulletin board. Discussion since the women have 2 bulletin boards and which is designated as the “official” notice board? More clarification will be spent on this issue.

Treasurer’s Report: Cathy Houston explained the Budget, items and balance. Donna Reich included an explanation of some of the expenditures from last year. Jan asked for a motion to approve the budget, Cathy Fancy moved to approved and Becky Frazier 2nd the motion. The motion passed.

Membership: Joanne Smith said we had 59 paid members.

Diablo Play: Becky Frazier said we are hosting April 19th and she needs volunteers including men.

Team Play: Sonja Welin and Bonnie Ladd explained team play.

Open Days: WGANC open play day 1 day a season at each club, unless hosting a tourney and then you are exempt for 2 years.

Handicap: Dana Wardstrom asked the membership to post correctly including your ESC score and knowing your handicap and how many strokes you can take on a hole.

Tournament: Beckie Carter announced that a letter will be posted on a bulletin board for Winter Rules. Sonja Welin asked about lift, clean and play Beckie and Jill Chase are working on Winter Play rules currently. Beckie noted that if the rules are special for that day’s play, they will be duly noted on the score cards, game card and announced by the pro shop on the P.A system.

Spring Handicap tournament is June 7, 9, 14. A $25.00 entry opens for March 24th.

Ambassador for WGANC: Hillary Frigillana has put out an email asking other clubs what they accept for Winter Rules. Judy Bartoli asked how do you determine Winter rules when they don’t exist? Local Rules supersede and the Tournament Committee decides on was will be accepted.

Invitational: Beckie wants to include in letter to companies we are soliciting for donations; that we are giving some of the proceeds to a charity, locally and for the WGANC Transportation fund. Various ways were discussed for collection of monies towards the charities. Jan McCleery brought up the possibility a Charity committee will be formed.

A motion was made to donate monies to local causes, primarily girls golf programs for Liberty. Francis withdrew her motion of 50% to Delta Community Services and 50% to WGANC. Beckie made a motion to give to the Liberty Girls Golf program and Nanci Lencioni seconded. Motion passed.

Magical World of Disney for Invitational theme. Looking for volunteers, colors will be pink and lavender.

Rally for the Cure: Cathy Fancy looking for a co-Chair, needs volunteers date will be October 18 and approved by the pro shop.

New Business: Winter hours were discussed and the difficulty knowing what month to apply winter hours.

Bylaws: New member plays with a Board member, are we still continuing with Article 3 Sec.6.?

Rosters: Hillary Frigillana isn’t pleased with the roster and wants to revamp rosters again. Discussion on spiral bound books and mini binders, increase of dues by $5.00 for rosters. Re-read over the membership acceptance for a reduced roster during General Meeting September 14, 2010 and membership voted in favor. Joanne Smith moved to have the $5.00 to be allocated only for rosters plus the budget. Formation of a Roster committee was discussed.

Bulletin Boards: Define and identify where the “official” board will be and add amendment to Standing Rules #5.

A general question was asked about Guest Day and breakfast. Fees for guest day will remain the same of $16.00 and will breakfast not be served.

Jan made a motion to adjourn, Sonja Welin motioned that we adjourn and Beckie seconded the motion. Meeting was adjouned 3:05 p.m.


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