Play Day Results, March 15, 2011

The rain was held at bay, and 18 ladies played AND completed the play day. The game was Stableford – Par Points. And the winners were:

Flight 1: Jackie Amthauer, 21 points, $8.00

Dana Wardstrom, 19 points, $6.00

Cathy Houston, 18 points, $4.00

Flight 2: Ann Wangeman, 18 points, $8.00

Sonja Welin, 17 points, $6.00

Joanne Smith, 16 points, $4.00

Congratulations ladies.

Ann Wangeman also had the sole “Chip-in” (Hole #7), which netted her $16.00!

Gay Wold had the sole “Birdie”, Hole #8

Closest-to-the-Pin: Each winning $2.50

Hole 2 – Hilary Frigillana, 47’6”

Hole 7 – Jackie Amthauer 27’1”

Joanne Smith 11’ 3.5”

Hole 14 – Cathy Houston 23’1”

Grace Berend 67’4”

Hole 17 – Donna Reich 11’2”

Special Congratulations go out to Donna Reich for her Hole-in-One on Friday, March 12. She went out to play a “short” game and got her HIO on #2, forcing her to play the whole round… Ah gee!

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Happy Golfing



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