What’s ESC?

A reminder – what’s ESC? For handicap calculations, you are allowed a MAXIMUM score on each hole based on your course handicap and if you go over, you need to circle that score and at the end of your round put your adjusted score in the ESC column.

Please refer to the ESC table in your rosters for your course handicap ESC Maximum. If you are 30 or above (your “course handicap”, not your “Index”), you can have a maximum 9 on a hole. If you actually hit 10 strokes, record 10 strokes for the hole but circle it. You will need to subtract 1 from your final score as your ESC score at the end of your round. If your final score was 107, and that was your only hole > 9, your ESC would be 106. (NOTE: If we are playing a game where we don’t need the full gross score, if the Tournament Committee game sheet says you can “pick up”, then you can instead just record an X9 for that hole instead of a 10 and your final score will be your ESC score). REGARDLESS, PUT YOUR SCORE IN THE ESC COLUMN. That way we are consistent.

If your DB course handicap changes from the 30’s to the 20’s, now you can only record a maximum 8.

If your DB course handicap drops to the 10’s, now you have a maximum 7.

If your DB course handicap drops to single digits, your max is double-bogey. I’m looking forward to getting there! (Yeh, right! That would earn me the “Most Improved” Award for sure !! 🙂

Happy Golfing !



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