August Advisory Board

Hi Gals;

Things that were presented to the Board in August are the following:

There will be new menus out for breakfast, lunch & Friday night dinner. Sunday night menu will change September 11. Veggie meals were brought up & Jeff (the Chef) commented that they tried the dishes before & they were a no seller. He stated ” You can always ask for something & they can try to accommodate you”.

Seafood Festival was very successful. All were pleased with food & seemed to have a great time.

Sound of Soul is almost sold out. As of Thursday, only 20 spaces left. They are going to have free pop corn after meal service.

Tracy Country Club went public. A few of their old members are joining here.

The 9 holer group is really growing. They have more ladies than they have ever had.

The club is looking into adding defibrillators to our Golf Course.

There is a consideration for people only here for 6 months. No cart fees or food limits while away.

Someone complained about Friday lunch service being slow.

94 people have signed up for Fall Bocce Ball. Talking about having beverage cart there while games are going on.

Wine Event coming up. There is a waiting list for wineries to come in.

There 140 people signed up for the Sadie Hawkins Tournament.

It was stated that people were not able to sign up for the Member-Member on line & corrections were going to be made.

Member Appreciation Tournament & dinner is going to be October 23rd.

Small American flags are going to be put on each flag stick Labor day week-end. Hopefully they will have them positioned in the center of each green. HEE HEE!!

November 6 is slated for the Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice Tournament.

There are pictures now on the new web site.

They are starting to work on the bunkers again.

That’s it for this month. Next meeting is September 15th. If you want me bring something before the board, please E-mail me or call.

Your 18 holer Advisory Board Representative,
Mary Watkins


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