Guest Day Results – August 30, 2011

We had a great turnout with 31 members and 7 guests playing on one of Discovery Bay’s splendid summer days. The game was One Best Ball + Putts of the 3 remaining team members. We had five teams in the Guest Flight and five teams in the Member Only flight. And the winners were:

Guest Flight:

1st Place – Team Score 159
Frances Shipilov
Kay Boscia
Raquel Myers
(Blind Draw)

2nd Place – Team Score 164
Jackie Amthauer
Lynn Battaglia
Joanne Smith
Mary Watkins

Member Only Flight:

1st Place – Team Score 164
Judy Bartoli
Debbie Martin
Sondi Schnee
Nancy Kramer

2nd Place – Team Score 169
Janet Brown
Donna Johnson
Anne Wangeman
Cam Donald

Other Awards:

Closest to the Pin:
Guest – Kay Boscia, Hole #7, 45’1.5”
Member – Jeanne Zwemer, Hole # 17, 10’2.5”

Donna Johnson #2
Jackie Amthauer #1
Mary Watkins #8
Lin Lenson #7
Gay Wold #7
Frances Shipilov #15
Dana Wardstrom #14

Chipins: ($6.50 each)
Diane Sevim #1
Lin Lenson #8
Dana Wardstrom #14

The group sadly wished our good friend Jackie Amthauer farewell as she is relocating to South Carolina. She has assured us she will visit and play with us on Guest Days. We wish her and hubby Paul our best. They will be missed!

Happy Golfing



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