Play Dy November 1st

Hello Ladies,
Although it was very windy, it appeared most of the ladies enjoyed the format. We will plan to schedule this format again.

Here are the results –

These ladies won their match and $3.60 each

Jill Chase & Anne Wangeman 23 points
Grace Berend & Diane Sevim 22 points
Cathy Fancey & Gay Wold 22 points
Annette Krey & Becky Frazier 19.5 points
Joanne Smith & Jan McCleery 18.5 points

Chip-Ins: $8.50 each
Diane Sevim hole #5
Diane Enbom hole #14

Joanne Smith hole #2
Annette Krey hole #8
Patty Uyeno hole #17

Closest to the Pin: $3.00 each

Handicap 0-24

Hole #2 Patty Uyeno 20′ 1″
Hole #7 Jill Chase 13′ 11″
Hole #14 Jill Chase 50′

Handicap 25-36
Hole #2 Cynde Gerpheide 41′ 3″
Hole #7 Raquel Myers 28′
Hole #14 Jan McCleery 12′ 7″

Jill Chase


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