November 8 Play Day Results

Thirteen ladies braved the cold yesterday (it did finally warm up and become a nice day) to
play Points, Putts and Low Net. The following are the results:

Closest to the Pin:
Low handicap #2 Patty Uyeno 7’1″ High handicap #2 Raquel Myers 25’1″
Low handicap # 17 Cathy Fancey 11’4″ High handicap #17 Grace Berend 55’4″

Cathy Fancey #13
Patty Uyeno #8, #9
Annette Krey #11

Chip Ins:
Cam Donald #6
Marti Fowler #13
Annette Krey #11

Annette Krey won overall gross score with an 84

1st Flight, 1st Place Low Net Dana Wardstrom with a 73
1st Flight, 2nd Place Low Net Cathy Fancey with a 74
2nd Flight, 1st Place Low Net Cathy Surdez with a 73
2nd Flight, 2nd Place Low Net Carol Grabar with a 79

Overall Low Net Winners were Cathy Surdez and Dana Wardstrom tied with 73

Lowest Putts Winner was Raquel Myers with 29 Putts

Thank you all for coming out. Next week is the Turkey Shoot. If you want to sign
up, let Jill Chase know.


Author: Kay B

Webmaster in training.

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