Do you want to join the NCGA or renew? (Hilary)

Hi Ladies: With our 18 holers membership of $75 we also become members of the WGANC. WGANC gives you the benefit of a reduced rate if you want to join the NCGA. This way it will cost you $25 to also join NCGA instead of $35.

If you do nothing, our club will automatically sign you up for NCGA and charge your club account $35. Instead, if you want to save $10 and get the same NCGA benefits, click on the link below and follow the prompts to join and pay just $25. When it comes up ‘Club association” scroll down to Women’s Golf Assiciation of Northern California and then put in your GHIN number and your name.

Then tell Jon that you DO NOT want to be charged for your NCGA membership this year. The Senior men have to go through the club and are charged the standard $35, which usually appears on our bill in February. But we ladies have another option through WGANC.

If you need any help let me know. Hilary


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