End of the Year Awards for 2011 (Jill)

Hi Ladies,
Here are the awards that were presented at the luncheon. This year our winners were paid with Pro Shop Gift Certificates. If you were not able to make the luncheon please contact me so that I can arrange to get your gift certificates to you.

Attendance Award: (We had a total of 38 organized play days, less a few for weather) 1st Place – tie $25.00 each Grace Berend/Janet Brown 33 days 2nd Place – tie $20.00 each Joanne Smith/Dana Wardstrom 30 days

Most Improved:
1st Place $50.00 (and WGANC Pin) Dana Wardstrom
2nd Place $40.00 (and WGANC Pin) Jenny Dillon
3rd Place $30.00 Janet Brown

Most Birdies:(We had a total of 108 birdies)
Annette Krey 13 birdies $50.00

Most Chip-Ins:(We had a total of 87 chip-ins)
Anne Wangeman 8 chip-ins $50.00

Closest to the Pin:
1st Place $50.00 Lin Lenson – Hole #17 13 inches 2nd Place $40.00 Jeanne Zwemer – Hole #7 42 inches 3rd Place $30.00 Liz Lord – Hole #2 43.25 inches

WGANC Pendant Race:
1st Flight $25.00 (and WGANC Pendant) Mary Watkins – lowest three nets 211
2nd Flight $25.00 (and WGANC Pendant) Cathy Surdez – lowest three nets 221

PPLN Points Winners:
1st Flight;
1st Place $40.00 Mary Watkins 36.5 points
2nd Place $30.00 Annette Krey 28.8 points
3rd Place $15.00 Dana Wardstrom 28.5 points

2nd Flight;
1st Place $40.00 Raquel Myers 22 points
2nd Place $30.00 Cathy Surdez 21 points
3rd Place tie $7.50 each Janet Brown/Diane Sevim 12 points

PPLN Low Putts:
1st Flight – $20.00 Dana Wardstrom 29 putts
2nd Flight – $10.00 each Sonja Welin/Raquel Myers 29 putts

PPLN Low Net:
1st Flight;
1st Place $50.00 Shelly Morgan Net 64
2nd Place $40.00 Hilary Frigillana Net 65

2nd Flight;
1st Place tie $45.00 each Jill Chase/Diane Sevim Net 69

Low Gross $30.00 Carol Bade with a gross score of 75!

Congratulations and thanks again for your participation!

Jill Chase


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