January 17 Play Day Results (Dana)

Hello Ladies,
First I would like to Thank all of you for coming out and playing. We had 24 ladies participate. Our first game was a team game called Red, White and Blue.

I hope everyone enjoyed it.

The results were as follows:

First Place Team:
Score: 128
Raquel Myers
Diane Sevim
Sonja Welin

Second Place Team
Score: 130
Annette Krey
Lin Lenson
Sondra Schnee
Cathy Fancey

There was a three way tied and we broke it with the back 9 score.

Annette Krey #6
Nancy Lahait #13

Annette Krey #6 and #10

Closest to the Pin
Low Handicap 0-25
#2 Mary Watkins 11′ 10 1/2″
#7 Janet Brown 17/ 5″
#14 Annette Krey 31′
#17 Dana Wardstrom 22′ 3″

High Handicap 26-36
#2 Brenda Reisinger 6′ 6 1/2″
#7 Raquel Myers 6′ 5″
#14 Jan McCleery 111 11″
#17 Nancy Lahait 9′

Thank you everyone,



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