May Advisory Board minutes

May Advisory Board minutes

New lunch, dinner and breakfast menus will be used starting Memorial weekend.

A beverage cart person is still needed, two prospects did not work out.

Motown and the Country Western concerts will be sold out.

The Member Appreciation event will be a drive in movie. Some members would prefer a barbeque event as held other years.

The Ladies locker room is being decorated and two more furniture items are to be added in addition to the armoire in the entryway. The locker room will be “as is”, without any changes, once finished.

The golf course aeration has been completed.

The ground crew is still working on 11 and 12 fairways. Carts will still not be allowed.

Members are advised that portable sprinklers will be used during the week, not on weekends.

The Pro shop will send an email regarding the front 9 being closed at 5p.m., however fast players will be allowed out after that time with permission from the Pro Shop staff.

The question of having a free standing, cool water dispenser with cups near the Pro Shop was raised.

The reinstatement of the Horserace event was requested.

Plastic tees were again discussed and many of the Board were in favor. It will be looked into further by the Management. I did bring up the issue of environmental impact.



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