May 20 Guest Day Results

46 ladies came out to play on what turned out to be a great day for golf. We had 11 guests.

Guest Flight:

1st place: Barbara Mensch, Cam Donald, Janet Winslow, Sue Wiebe

2nd place: Frances Shipilov, Brenda Reisinger, Kay Smith, Linda Stebbins

3rd place: Doris Bunnell, Joanne Leete, Sally Sturney, Rona Hullen

Member Only Flight:

1st place: Jill Chase, Jenny Dillon, Cathy Fancey, Cindy Renshaw

2nd place: Charlene Kleiner, Fe Estrera, Cynde Gerpheide

Closest to the Pin:

Member – Hole #17 – Gay Wold, 2’6”

Guest – Hole # 7 – Nancy Ashman, 24’ 8”


Annette Krey, #15, #16

Dana Wardstrom, #9

Cathy Fancey, #2

Barbara Mensch, #2

Janet Winslow, #2

Gay Wold, #17

Chip-ins ($11.50 ea)

Frances Shipilov, #14

Laura Damonte, #8 (EAGLE)

Thank you all for coming out to play.

Happy Golfing



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