1/20/15 Results

Hello Ladies,

We had 23 ladies that played today. The game was Best 9. So you only had to do well on the front or back.
It was nice day, no fog and the sun peaked out a few times.
I hope all you ladies that are sick, I hope you feel better soon!

The results are as follows:

Lin Lenson 8 & 18
Jan McCleary #14
Joanne Smith #14
Mary Watkins #17
Shelly Morgan #14
Julie Hanson #7
Francis Shipilov #5 & 15

Lin Lenson #18
Joanne Smith #5
Each Chip-In was worth 11.00 each.

Closest to the Pin

Handicap 0-27

#2 Dana Wardstrom 22′ 4″
#7 Janet Winslow 8′
#14 Jan McCleary 4′
#17 Mary Watkins 3’2″

Handicap 28-36

#2 Sondi Schnee 34′ 6″
#7 Julie Hanson 5’10”
#14 Joanne Smith 3″ 3 1/4″
#17 Kris Rogers 7′ 61/2″

All CTP winners received $3.00 each

Now for the game. We had three flights

Third Flight 30-36
3rd Place: Brenda Reisinger and Deborah Veatch, with a score of 37 $2.25 each
2nd Place Julie Hanson, with a score of 35.5 $5.00
1st Place Sally Sturney, with a score of 31 $6.00

Second Flight 26-29
3rd Place: Janet Winslow, with a score of 36.5 $4.00
1st/2nd Place: Joanne Smith and Jan McCleary with a score of 33.5 $5.00 each

First Flight 0-24
3rd Place: Shelly Morgan and Lin Lenson with a score of 34.5 $2.25
2nd Place: Frances Shipilov with a score of 33 $5.00
1st Place: Dana Wardstrom with a score of 31 $6.00

Thank you all for coming out and see you next week.



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