1/28/15 Results

Hello Ladies,

Let me first just say, would you PLEASE call, text or email me if you can not make the Tuesday play date. (925)785-6322 or you can call the proshop.
We have had three official play dates and each week we continue to have ladies that signed up and are no shows. So please, call, text or email. I always have my phone with me and if I am not the person in charge that day I can let them know.
Thank you and now here are the results for today.

We had 28 ladies today:

Lin Lenson #1 and #15
Mary Watkins #8

Doris Bunnell $27.00

Closest to the Pin
Each worth $3.25

Handicap 0-26
#2 Mark Watkins 33’2″
#7 Patty Uyeno 35″
#14 Mary Watkins 17′ 10″
#17 Dana Wardstrom 24′ 2″

Handicap 27-36
#2 Sally Sturney 4’3″
#7 Deborah Veatch 5′ 9 1/4″
#14 Cam Donald 6’7″
#17 Janet Winslow 17’8″

There was a tie for second place so each team split 2nd and 3rd place winning
The each receive $4.75 with a score of 130

Kathy Readler
Mary Watkins
Deborah Veatch
Susan Leeper

Shelly Morgan
Jeanne Zweamer
Kris Rogers
Charlene Kleiner

AND in 1st Place with a score of 123
Anne Oprey
Barbara Mensch
Sally Sturney

Next week is our first PPLN day. Please sign up on foretees.

Thank you,



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