Diablo Team play update

WE have had our first 2 matches of the season. April 9 at Orinda and April 14, we hosted at Discovery Bay.

Our opponent at Orinda was Rossmoor. Our player were Annette, Lin, Cathy Houston, Jenny, Patty, Shelly, Cathy Fancey and Jeanne. Weather was really nice and we did ok. Patty and Shelly played played great and won 21 total points. Annette and Lin 18 points, and Cathy F and Jeanne 16 points and Cathy H and Jenny 11 points. We wish we could have done a little better but that’s golf!

On April 14 at Discovery Bay our opponent was Castlewood. Players were Annette, Lin, Dana, Cathy H, Becky, Jenny, Patty and Shelly. Dana and Cathy and Becky and Jenny had great matches and won 22 points and 21 points. Patty and Shelly did ok and won 15 points but Annette and Lin had a rough day and only won 12 points. Those Castlewood A girls could not miss. I did almost get into a fight with them on the 15th green. I was putting for par and they were in with par so they asked me why I was putting, they thought I was laying 5 and they had won the hole. I told her no i was laying 4 and explained my 4 shots to get there. She told me there was no way I could be there in 4 because she had hit two great shots and I couldn’t have possibly been as far as she was. Really!! We argued for about 45 seconds and she kept giving me this look like I was a big cheater. Then she said oh ok whatever, I hope you make the putt. I did make the putt and I won that half point!!!

Our next match is at Castlewood on April 30th and we have to play against Castlewood again. You play the same team at your course and at their course. So I will be seeking my revenge.

Right now we are in 5th place gross, and somewhere near the bottom in net. There are 10 teams in our league, Orinda, Discovery Bay, Castlewood, Moraga, Round Hill, Crow Canyon, Rossmoor, Diablo, Contra Costa and Blackhawk.

thanks Annette


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