4/21/15 Results

Hello Ladies,

We had 32 ladies play today and two (2) no shows.
I wanted to also welcome again Kelly Vik and Jadine Hodgen to our group.

Today’s game was “Give me a break” You got to subtract one par 3, one par 4 and one par 5 then substract your handicap and that was your game score.

Janet Winslow #8
Raquel Myers #14
Kelly Vik #8
Gay Wold #10
Dana Wardstrom #1 and #17
Annette Krey #3, #6 and #11

Chip In’s ($16.00 each)
Jeanne Zweamer #15
Gay Wold #15

Closest to the Pin ($4.00 each)
#2 Mary Watkins 14′ 10″
#7 Hilary Frigillana 11′ 8″
#14 Peggie Schuitemaker 10′ 6″
#17 Dana Wardstrom 7′ 11″

#2 –
#7 Chris Myall 9′ 3″
#14 Raquel Myers 16′ 2″
#17 Kelly Vik 13′

We had three flights
First Flight
1st/2nd – Dana Wardstrom & Hilary Frigillana with a score of 49
3rd/4th – Jeanne Zweamer & Peggie Schuitemaker with a score of 52

Second Flight
1st – Kelly Vik with a score of 46
2nd/3rd – Brenda Reisinger and Deborah Veatch with a score of 49
4th – Bonnie Ladd with a score of 51

Third Flight
1st – Charlene Kleiner with a score of 48
2nd/3rd/4th – Sally Sturney, Sandy Mize and Doris Bunnell with a score of 51.

Thanks again for playing today
Next week is guest day so you have until Sunday at noon to sign up.



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