August 18th results

Hello Ladies,
Before I get to the results. I have to address an ongoing issue. Which I hear about a lot.

Pace of play.

Please remember we play ready golf. A lot of ladies walk and that is great but if you are in a cart. You can drive to your ball and hit while they are walking. Even if they are farther back than you.
Also, if you are a walker, please consider as you are walking what club you plan to use. Be ready to hit when you get to your ball.

Also when you get to a tee box, you don’t have to wait for the lowest handicap or the person that just had the last par. If you are ready, then GO..

Communication with your group is really helpful. You can say to the ladies. “I hate to go first” that way they all know that they should hit before you do.

I know some games are hard on pace of play…i.e. today’s game because you couldn’t pick up or if you did you would possibly take yourself out of the game.
I heard at lunch their were a few ladies that had a hole that was in double digits. OOPS!

But if that happens then the rest of you should be ready for your shot and maybe hitting while the lady that is struggling takes a breather. That is where the your communication will help.

With all that said, I think if you are on a 4 hour or 4:15 hour pace of play then I can’t ask for you to play faster.
I know that I have read in the past from Hilliary we should keep up with the group in front of us. Good rule of thumb.

So off the soap bax and on to the results,

Annette Krey #7
Cindy Renshaw #1

Chip-in’s (worth $3.75 each)
Carol Grabar #10
Bonnie Ladd #12 and #15
Charlene Kleiner #10
Nonie Greenfield #15
Grace Berend #18
Jan Baehr #11
Cathy Fancey #11

Closest to the Pin (worth $3.25 each)
Handicap 0-26
#2 Cindy Renshaw 27′ 11 1/4″
#7 Kelly Vik 4″ 11″
#14 Kelly Vik 14′ 2″
#17 Mary Watkins 14′ 3 1/2″

Handicap 27-36
#2 Sally 31′ 4″
#7 Sally Sturney 10″
#14 Sondi Schnee 15′ 7″
#17 Nonie Greenfield 55′ 2 3/4″

Flight One:
1st Place Jeanne Zweamer with a score of 36.5 (worth 7.75)

2nd/3rd/4th Place with a score of 38 (worth 5.75 each)
Annette Krey
Dana Wardstrom
Mary Watkins

5th Place
Shelly Morgan and Cindy Renshaw with a score of 38.5 (worth 2.00 each)

Flight Two:
1st Place Sandy Mize with a score of 34 (worth 7.75)
2nd Place Sally Sturney with a score of 34.5 (worth 6.75)
3rd Place Nonie Greenfield with a score of 37 (worth 5.75)
4th/5th Place Joanne Leete and Sonja Welin with a score of 39 (worth 4.25 each)

Next week is Guest Day and the Game is SIX-SIX-SIX
1-6 One Net Ball
7-12 Two Net Balls
13-18 Three Net Balls

See you Tuesday



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