Today’s results

Hello Ladies,

I have a few before the results.

1. The club is closed on September 8th and the Breakers invited us to play with them on their play day of September 10th. If you are interested in playing with them, you need to sign up on their board in the proshop.

2. Last week we had 3 holes with temporary greens. So under USGA rules, we need to use par plus pops on those holes to allow us to post the scores. So I went through and changed the scores so we can post those scores. Just wanted to let you know just in case you didn’t see your score yet or your score is a little different from what you remember.

3. I will be out of town on September 15, 2015. Cathy Fancey and Jill Chase will be handling that day for me.

NOW, for the results.

We had a total of 47 ladies play with 9 guest.

Our game was SIX-SIX-SIX.

Dana Wardstrom #2
Annette Krey #6, #7 and #17
Lin Lenson #7
Sondi Schnee #17

Chip-In’s (worth 4.00 each)

Cindy Renshaw #12
Loni Maloney #6
Sonja Welin #18
Sally Sturney #1
Gay Wold #4
Sondi Schnee #17

Closest – to – the – pin

#2 Sally Sturney 10′ 7″
#17 Debbie Martin 4′

#7 Loni Maloney 10′ 7″
#14 Gina Bischofberger 9′ 8″

FIRST PLACE with a score of 126
Sandy Mize
Conchita Christensen
Tammy Slabaugh
Gina Bischofberger

SECOND PLACE with a score of 134
(we had a tie and broke the tie with the back 9 score)
Judi August
Sonja Welin
Rose Vieira
Nancy Lencioni

FIRST PLACE with a score of 125
Nonie Greenfield
Jan McCleery
Shelly Morgan
Hilary Frigillana

SECOND PLACE with a score of 131
(we had a three way tie and broke the tie with the back 9 score)
Cathy Fancey
Becky Frazier
Cindy Renshaw
Jill Chase

Thank you all for coming out and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Next Tuesday is PPLN (Putts, Points and Low Net)
It is also the last WGANC Pendant Day.



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