February News and Event


Our game schedule this month

February 2, 2016 – PPLN –WGANC Pendant Day
PPLN- Play your game and keep track of your putts. After the round your first 3-putt will cost you .20 cents and .10 for each additional 3-putt and the dreaded 4-putt will cost you a quarter.

WGANC Pendant – Women’s Golf Association of Northern California gives us two pins to award the two ladies that have the Best Net Scores from the Pendant Days through the year. No need to keep track, we do it for you. It is the best 3 net scores from 6 different rounds.

February 9, 2016 – Valentine Ball 2 Best Ball
You use one PINK ball as one best ball and rotate it through the foursome. Total the pink ball and your best net score from the remainder 3 players. If you DO NOT LOSE your pink ball you subtract 14 strokes from your valentine ball score.

February 16, 2016
CLUB CLOSED Due to Presidents Day on 2/15/2016

February 23, 2016
GUEST DAY – One Best Ball
Our first guest day, we will play one Best Ball
Pick the Best Net Ball of your foursome for each hole.

REMEMBER ON GUEST DAY, you will need to bring $3.00 cash. If you can bring $1.00’s that is very helpful.


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