Jan 26 Play Day Results

Hello Ladies,

We had 23 ladies play today and I think the weather was very nice for a winter Tuesday playday.

Today our game was skins, since you were playing with ladies that had the same handicap or close to it. We paid 1st and 2nd place in your group.

But first we had 3 birdies

Annette Krey #2 and #7

Sandy Smith #14

We had 3 Chip-In’s

Joanne Leete #4 and #10

Bonnie Ladd #5


Hole #2
Annette Krey 11′ 8″ (birdie) and Sally Sturney 39′ 3″

Hole #7
Annette Krey 9’4″ (birdie)

Hole #14
Sandy Smith 8′ 10 1/2″ (birdie)

Hole #17
Dana Wardstrom 21′

Now for the results

Group 1
Dana Wardstrom 8 Skins and Annette Krey 5 Skins

Group 2
Charlene Kleiner 6 Skins and Kris Rogers 5 Skins

Group 3
Anne Oprey 6 Skins and Chris Myall 6 Skins

Group 4
Myra Buckman 7 1/2 Skins and Linda Daniel 6 1/2 Skins

Group 5
Brenda Reisinger 7 Skins and Kay Smith 6 Skins

Group 6
Susan Leeper 8 Skins and DORIS BUNNELL 6 Skins

Next week will be our first PPLN day. So if you would like to play, please sign up by noon Sunday.




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