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Hello Ladies,

We had 41 ladies, 7 which were guest, play in our first guest day.

Today’s game was 1 Net Best Ball and here are the results.

Lin Lenson #2
Annette Krey #5 & #10
Cathy Houston #14
Kris Rogers #2
Lisa Bates #4
Connie Gouveia #17
Bonnie Ladd #17
Myra Buckman #2

Lin Lenson #18
Janet Winslow #2
Lisa Bates #4
April Guarascio #17
Shelly Morgan #18

Closest to the Pin

Hole #7 – No Guest
Hole #17 – Connie Gouvein

Hole #2 – Myra Buckman 2′ 10 1/2″
Hole #14 – Annette Krey 10′ 5″

Member/Guest Flight

1st Place
Susan Leeper
Linda Daniels
Debbie Ruiz
Connie Gouveia

2nd Place
Myra Buckman
Chris Myall
Joanne Smith
Mary Watkins

Member’s Flight

1st Place
Sue Gallo
Raquel Myers
Bonnie Ladd
Julie Hanson

2nd Place
Janet Winslow
Grace Berend
Kris Rogers

Thanks again for playing, see you next week.



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