March 8th Results

Hello ladies,

We had 27 ladies play today and enjoyed the sunshine.

We had two birdies,

Lin Lenson #1 and Annette Krey #17

Chip-In’s ($6.75 each)
Joanne Smith #9
Sondi Schnee #14
Carolyn Barnes #5
Fe Estera #18

Closest -to-the-Pin ($3.50 each)
#2 Lin Lenson 8’9″ and Fe Estera 8’11”
#7 Lin Lenson 10’8″ and Kay Gschwend 18′ 3 1/2″
#14 Sherry Boyd 13′ 1/2″
#17 Annette Krey 13′ 6″ and Kay Gschwend 14′ 11″

We played Stableford and had two flights

Flight One (0-28)
1st Place Shelly Morgan with a score of 18 received $8.25
2nd/3rd Place Sandy Smith and Lin Lenson with a score of 16 received $6.75 each
4th Place Annette Krey with a score of 14 received $5.25

Flight Two
1st Place Kay Gschwend with a score of 17 received $8.25
2nd Place Brenda Reisinger with a score of 16 received $7.25
3rd/4th Place Bonnie Ladd and Sonja Welin with a score of 15 received $5.75 each.

Hope everyone had fun!
Reminder, Next week is guest day because we have team play on the last Tuesday of the month.

Also, I wanted to welcome Jan Todorovic to our group. She has played today and last Tuesday and I forgot to welcome her at lunch! So welcome Jan!!




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