Please forward to the gang – Update on Central Valley Team Play

On Thursday, July 21, 2016 5:22 PM, Bonnie Ladd <bonnieladd> wrote:

News from our Awesome Central Valley team Play!

We are looking good! Our last three matches lifted us into 3rd place, which is phenomenal. Our best outing was at Saddle Creek where Dana Wardstrom, Cindy Renshaw, Patty Uyeno, Cathy Fancey, Jill Chase, Kathy Readler, Deborah Veatch, and Bonnie Ladd won all 4 matches! We played at Elkhorn and won 3 matches, and then at Turlock we won 2 matches. Players at Elkhorn and Turlock, not listed above, included Becky Frazier, Jeanne Zwemer, Frances Shipilov, Gay Wold, Brenda Reisinger, Charlene Kleiner, Myra Buckman, and Sandy Smith.

Our last match is Friday, August 26, at Spring Creek. If you are interested in playing, just let me know.

The spreadsheet with all the details is always posted on our website.



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